LetterBlocks submitted to the App Store!

I just completed my first game for ios, LetterBlocks. It’s a boggle style of game, where the goal is to create as many words as you can before the timer runs out.

It was really my first step into iOS game development, and also served as an introduction to the programming language, Swift. Building a game alone is very time-consuming, especially the non-programming side of things, which is why this game had quite minimal art.

SpriteKit was used as the game engine because it was introduced by Apple, and it is slightly easier to get going than other libraries/engines. Although the experience with SpriteKit was good, I would probably be switching to something else for any further games as building something for iOS only is kind of a deal-breaker.

Anyway, it’s been submitted and currently awaiting a review and the suspense is really killing me because it is my first app to be submitted to the app store. Hopefully it all goes well and I don’t get rejected! For now i’m in brainstorm mode for my next game idea and I’ll try to make something actually fun this time around.